A Progress Report on the Nigerian Startup Bill
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A Progress Report on the Nigerian Startup Bill

Wednesday 27th July was a significant day in the development of Nigeria’s tech industry. The news that the Nigeria Startup Bill had passed the third reading at the House of Representatives was met with delight by every stakeholder, ecosystem leader, entrepreneur, citizen, and policymaker who had been involved in advancing the NSB movement.

“This is inspiring news for all of us on the team; a lot of hard work has gone into drafting the bill, generating support, and just getting the word out there, and it’s great to see that all that effort is not a waste,” said Stephen Edache, a volunteer on the NSB communications team, in response to the development. Per

It has been reported that the bill is moving quickly since everyone is working hard to see that it becomes law. Following their march before the National Assembly on 27th April 2022 to urge the bill’s swift passage, Nigerian youths also fiercely advocated for its adoption. “The Nigeria startup bill is too important a bill for the National Assembly to delay its passage, according to Tracy Okoro, the NSB State Adoption Lead. It appears that the National Assembly heard what she had to say.

The President will receive the bill, and if he signs it, it will become law.
Members of the NSB will concentrate on the full implementation of the measure in the meantime. For all states and their stakeholders, including state houses of assembly, executive governments, and ecosystem members, to be involved in adopting the bill and reap the benefits at a subnational level, this includes promoting state acceptance of the legislation.

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