Changera shows off new branding and relaunches virtual domiciliary accounts
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Changera shows off new branding and relaunches virtual domiciliary accounts

Changera, a cross-border payment company, has announced the relaunch of its product with new features such as virtual domiciliary bank accounts and an overhaul of its brand identity.

The much-anticipated renaissance includes an entirely new look, significant product upgrades, and the reintroduction of features such as virtual domiciliary bank accounts and dollar cards.

According to a company statement, this aligns with Changera’s mission of making money available, borderless, and limitless to the African market.

Customers can now use Changera’s virtual euro, pound, and dollar domiciliary accounts to make international payments from anywhere. Customers can also easily convert their virtual bank accounts to local currency, just as they do with their regular bank accounts.

Changera now offers working dollar virtual cards with limits of up to $10,000. It can also be funded in local currencies such as naira, cedis, or Kenyan shillings. This is a step in the right direction for many African travelers, freelancers, remote workers, and businesses. 

According to Nana Afua, Head of Products, this is the beginning of many exciting things. “Our relaunch restates our commitment towards building the ultimate borderless social payments app for Africans. This represents months of work, and Changera users can now do a lot more with their money on their app. We have more in line over the next couple of months, but our users can start with this for now”, she added. 

The most exciting aspect of the new feature is that using the Changera app, you can open a domiciliary account and obtain a dollar card in minutes. New users must upgrade their accounts to a “freelancer” or “premium” subscription mode to access the services.

Other features include:

Referral Program: One of the payment platform’s new features is a referral program to reward loyal customers. Users can earn a commission for up to three years when a referred friend completes a transaction on the Changera app. There are numerous referral programs available for all services provided by a user’s referral.

Changers Community: The fintech firm is also launching an online community platform through the Discord app. This is merely a venue for users to interact and meet. It is also a way for you to provide feedback to the Changera team about their services.

Users can catch up on trending conversations in music, travel, sports, and entertainment, among other things, on the community platform, which has a lifestyle feel to it.

The most intriguing aspect of this feature is the “Japa” support channel, which will assist young Africans in realizing their dreams of living and working in other countries.

Changera, the flagship product of Bitmama Inc., was launched in 2021 to bridge the cross-border payment gap that exists when doing country-to-country funds transfers within Africa and globally, addressing one of the significant issues associated with digital remittance. The ultimate goal is to make international money transfers cheap, simple, borderless, and limitless.

Speaking about the brand relaunch, Ebovi Wali, Head Changera, stated that the goal of the relaunch is to allow the team to better meet their customers’ local and international payment needs.

Changera enables users to fund with naira, spend dollars above the $20 limit imposed by traditional institutions, convert their local currency, and store cash in multiple multi-currency wallets.

The startup offers MasterCard and VISA virtual and physical dollar cards that can be used on all local and international online and offline payment channels. The app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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