Google launches accelerator for circular-economy focused startups

Google launches accelerator for circular-economy focused startups

Tech giant Google is launching a new startup accelerator that will be focused on the circular-economy. The project will aid Google in its stride on environmentally centered startups.

The circular-economy is an alternative in how we produce and consume our goods. Instead of traditionally making products, using them and then discarding off their remains as waste, with the circular-economy, we make use of raw materials for production and then after consumption, we reuse and recycle their remains to make back raw materials to be used for more production. This way nothing is really wasted.

The theory of circular-economy is rapidly gaining popularity amongst climate experts, activists and lawmakers as governments and corporations spend heavily to combat the climate crises in our environments.

Google’s head of circular-economy Mike Werner said about the accelerator: “Every year, humanity consumes far more than what the planet can naturally replenish. We need to rebuild our relationship with physical resources and how we make, process, use and recycle them.”

The startup accelerator project opened on October 3, and will end on November 13. It will focus on empowering startups and nonprofits in North America and the Asia-Pacific region, and will kick-off in the first quarter of 2023.

Google plans to offer mentorship and technical assistance to the startups but will not collect equity or give funding to them during the 10-week program.

Despite Google’s continuous effort at helping the world tackle climate change, it still faces criticism on its products and policies that aid environmental abuse.

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