Here comes Moove!

Here comes Moove!

We opened the year with an increasing number of African startups spreading their tentacles and pitching their tent in other countries of the world. We saw companies like Kora and MFS take long strides to the UK.

Now Moove, a mobility financing startup based in Nigeria, has moved to India and only recently announced its launch in India.This Nigerian based startup is in partnership with Uber India and is available in a few cities in the country.

They keep building on their mission to help registered drivers buy their own cars using a percentage of the money gotten from ride hailing.

Moove is a Nigerian-born global mobility fintech company that provides revenue-based vehicle financing to mobility entrepreneurs globally, with a focus on emerging markets. They ram in their alternative credit scoring technology onto ride-hailing, logistics, mass transit, and instant delivery platforms.

Moove and Uber also have plans to launch 5,000 electric and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles within the first year of their partnership, and scale to about 30,000 within 5 years.

As of the previous month, Moovewas awarded a $20 million investment in debt funding from the British International Investment (BII).

This startup has also announced its plans for global expansion to 7 new markets across Asia, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

With the addition of India, Moove is now available in nine countries; six African countries, two Asian ones, and the UK as well.

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