InspiraFarms Cooling Secures Million-Dollar Investment for Sustainable Cold Chain Solutions

InspiraFarms Cooling Secures Million-Dollar Investment for Sustainable Cold Chain Solutions

InspiraFarms Cooling, the Kenyan pioneer in cooling solutions, has just secured a substantial $1.09 million (€1 million) investment to bolster its off-grid energy cold storage projects throughout Africa. Among the key backers are the Foundation for Clean Energy and Energy Inclusion for Africa (CEI Africa), KawiSafi, and Factor[e]. 

This deal follows closely on the heels of a significant $5.4 million (€5 million) investment from InfraCo Africa in 2023, earmarked for piloting its innovative ‘Cooling-as-a-Service’ model and expanding operations into Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Ghana.

Established in 2012, InspiraFarms Cooling is on a mission to combat food waste and uplift rural communities by offering agribusinesses cutting-edge pre-cooling and cold chain technology services. A mere 5% of fresh produce in Africa enters the cold chain, resulting in substantial losses. InspiraFarms intervenes by providing a suite of solutions, including temperature-controlled warehouses, packhouses, slaughterhouses, cold rooms, precoolers, freezers, and long-term potato storage.

Central to InspiraFarms’ ethos is the compatibility of its products with renewable energy sources, with some units capable of operating entirely off the grid. Moreover, the technology harnessed enables up to 25% energy savings. With a footprint in fifteen countries and serving food distributors, exporters, agribusinesses, and third-party logistics, InspiraFarms Cooling has become a vital player in the industry.

Julian Mitchell, CEO of InspiraFarms, affirms the company’s commitment to advancing energy-efficient cooling solutions. CEI Africa’s investment represents a milestone, marking its inaugural contribution under the Foundation’s Crowdfunding window. Simultaneously, InfraCo Africa’s investment in 2023 signals its debut in ‘first-mile’ cold storage, as highlighted by Omar Jabri, InfraCo Africa’s Head of Business Development.

In another strategic move indicative of its ambitious growth, InspiraFarms disclosed negotiations to acquire Celtics Cooling’s African business in November 2023. The purchase aims to fortify its presence in the African market, with plans to seamlessly integrate Celtic businesses into existing operations in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Kenya.

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