Kenya to introduce coding into primary and secondary schools curricula
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Kenya to introduce coding into primary and secondary schools curricula

Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta, announced last Friday at the State House in Nairobi the inclusion of coding as a topic in primary and secondary school curricula. With this breakthrough, Kenya becomes the first African country to recognize coding as a study subject in the two early year schools.

The President also introduced the National Cybersecurity Strategy 2022, which calls for targeted interventions to address Kenya’s national cybersecurity concerns. The Kenya National Digital Master Plan, which will be in effect until 2032, was also launched.

With all of these digital roll-outs, the President, whose term ends in a few weeks, is confident about the National Digital Master Plan’s influence on the country. He believes that the strategy will build the country’s ICT leadership by encouraging ICT-related firms’ growth and providing an enabling governmental, legal, and regulatory framework for more e-governance adoption.

According to President Kenyatta, this will boost job creation, enable and scale up ICT innovation, and foster the development of a dynamic and robust ICT sector that will boost the growth of all sectors of our economy. The master plan also serves as a roadmap for investors as they plan their investment priorities.

The goal of constructing over 20,000 village digital hubs around the country in the digital master plan will allow the government to employ an additional 40,000 youngsters to administer the centers and train interested residents.

Kenya has maintained its position as one of the continent’s digital innovation hotspots. This new project represents a desire to reinvent education and a solid commitment to constructing the future. And it appears that both the private and public sectors share this perspective. Microsoft, Visa, and Google also launched their first development centers in the country’s capital this year.

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