MAX & Yamaha Partner to Finance Commercial Drivers
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MAX & Yamaha Partner to Finance Commercial Drivers

Metro Africa Xpress Inc. (MAX), Africa’s first mobility technology platform, and Moto Business Service Nigeria (MBSN), Japan’s Yamaha Motor Corporation subsidiary, have announced a strategic agreement to finance and maintain more than 50,000 vehicles over the next two years. The deal will speed up Max’s plan to service 100,000 independent commercial drivers by the end of 2023 and enable them to grow their operations in Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon.

Adetayo Bamiduro and Chinedu Azodoh established MAX in 2015, intending to use smart technologies to upend the African transportation industry. Its primary offering is a subscription service that gives independent business drivers access to low- to zero-emission vehicles. It also offers various value-added services, such as health and auto insurance, assistance with license applications, and servicing plans.

Through MBSN, Yamaha Motor Corporation of Japan distributes a wide selection of high-quality cars, genuine parts, and top-notch service centers and workshops. The MBS model from Yamaha is currently in use in 6 different nations.

MBSN offers services to ICT startups in Africa that target the shared mobility market. For independent commercial drivers using MAX’s platform, MBSN will provide financing options so they can get access to various vehicles for use in their businesses. 

Additionally, the agreement will give drivers access to two, three, and four-wheel vehicles (including electric cars) and a variety of other services, all through a single, reasonably priced membership. MBSN aims to promote the use of vehicles on shared/rental platforms, generate employment opportunities, and improve people’s quality of life throughout Africa, with a particular emphasis on preserving the nation’s cleaner and greener environment.

“Nigeria is critical to us, and the partnership with MAX is very strategic and important to us. This is an important start for us to grow together with MAX,” said the Managing Director of MBS International and Fellow at Yamaha Global, Shiraishi Shoji.

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