Millions of underbanked women are the target of Unity Bank’s Yanga Market Penetration Campaign.
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Millions of underbanked women are the target of Unity Bank’s Yanga Market Penetration Campaign.

With its new retail product, the Yanga account, Nigeria’s retail lender Unity Bank Plc has launched a new marketing campaign aimed at millions of female entrepreneurs, particularly the underbanked.

Beginning in August, the lender will launch smart marketing initiatives utilizing both conventional and digital media to promote the Yanga product’s value proposition and boost uptake.

According to Unity Bank’s strategic goal of being “Nigeria’s retail bank of choice,” the lender introduced the Yanga account in November 2021 in four different states: Mararaba/Nassarawa, Ibadan/Oyo, Uyo/Akwa Ibom, and Gombe/Gombe.

The Divisional Head for Retail and SME, Mr. Olufunwa Akinmade, commented on the new Yanga Market Penetration Campaign, saying that “having launched the Yanga

The new ad, which stars veteran actress Sola Sobowale as “Mama Yanga,” aims to further strengthen the engagement platform for the product’s primary target audience, which is located among millions of underbanked women in our communities.

The product is aimed at women business owners in the micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) sector, particularly the underbanked, and provides microloans, medical insurance, capacity building, agency banking, dedicated agents, savings and investment opportunities, and capacity building to the women. This broadens financial inclusion.

The Bank’s brand ambassador, award-winning Nollywood actress Sola Sobowale, who was dubbed “Mama Yanga” at the product’s introduction in November of last year, appears in a well-targeted television commercial as part of the marketing campaign. Throughout the various platforms used for

In the “Mama Yanga” campaign, real-life accounts of how Yanga is empowering women and transforming lives in Nigeria will be shared.

Even as the Bank continues to push targeted activations of the product across various areas in the nation, Yanga is accessible to all female entrepreneurs nationally. The activation train has so far traveled to Ibadan, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Akwa Ibom, Nasarawa, and Gombe.

The new retail product is made to have a more positive impact on MSMEs run by women in the mass-market retail sector in order to advance financial inclusion and serve unbanked women entrepreneurs.

The launch of the product coincides with Nigeria’s rising need to increase women’s access to financial services, according to a recent EFInA report.

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