Pisi Mobile Bolsters Marketing Arsenal with Appointment of Bukayo Ewuoso as Head of Business, Marketing Solutions
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Pisi Mobile Bolsters Marketing Arsenal with Appointment of Bukayo Ewuoso as Head of Business, Marketing Solutions

Leading mobile technology player, Pisi Mobile has welcomed a strategic addition to its team—Bukayo Ewuoso, the newly appointed Head of Business, Marketing Solutions.

Known for his dynamic marketing prowess, Bukayo brings a wealth of experience in propelling brands to digital excellence. Recently recognized as one of Nigeria’s top ten digital marketing professionals by the esteemed MARKETING EDGE Publications, he’s a driving force across diverse digital channels, from social media to search engines and email marketing.

Bukayo’s journey to Pisi Mobile follows a distinguished role as the Product Marketing Manager, Global, at Eskimi, showcasing his expertise in messaging, positioning, and strategic finesse. His previous roles as Senior Account Manager and Key Account Manager in West & Central Africa underscore his knack for fostering robust client relationships and driving revenue growth in sectors like Telcos, Banking, FMCG, and Tech Startups.

In his new role at Pisi Mobile, Bukayo will spearhead the development of the company’s innovative business arm dedicated to advertising and marketing technology. This cutting-edge division specializes in a spectrum of solutions, from programmatic advertising to bulk SMS and RCS messaging.

Armed with a proven track record and strategic foresight, Bukayo is set to catapult Pisi Mobile to new heights in the technology marketing landscape.

Bukayo excels in helping brands and small businesses achieve tailored digital growth and performance, encompassing increased sales, lead generation, and enhanced brand perception. His expertise spans various digital channels, ensuring a holistic approach to achieving business goals.

Pisi Mobile Services sits at the intersection of technology and telecommunication, simplifying technology solutions for fintech, telecom operators, and marketing solutions for brands. Their product solutions cover Telecom solutions, USSD, Advertising technology, Bulk SMS, Payments, Call Center, WhatsApp API, and Telecom-based automation. With Bukayo at the helm of Marketing Solutions, Pisi Mobile is poised for an exciting journey towards greater success.

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