SquirrelPR, a media relations tool for PR managers launches in Lagos
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SquirrelPR, a media relations tool for PR managers launches in Lagos

SquirrelPR, a media relations tool that connects corporate communications officers and public relations firms to thousands of African journalists, has launched in Lagos.

SquirrelPR provides a suite of services that facilitate the efficient delivery of media relations engagements, such as press distribution, an events coordination tool, regular messaging, and analytical tools for media content tracking and reporting.

SquirrelPR co-founder James Ezechukwu stated at the service’s official launch in Lagos that the solution is Africa’s first PR DIY tool designed specifically for media managers to increase productivity.

SquirrelPR hopes to redefine how public relations firms and media relations officers approach their jobs.  Ezechukwu believes that this technology will revolutionize the media relations industry. This is a straightforward, user-friendly solution that any media manager will find helpful in their day-to-day operations.

The solution includes a press distribution feature that provides media managers with a dynamic and rich media database from which to distribute press releases to a large and diverse network of practicing journalists in Africa in a few clicks.

So far, the platform has gathered over 600 active and practicing journalists, allowing users to discover and pitch stories to them individually and share important press communications via a messaging feature.

Ezechukwu, also the Chief Technology Officer of SquirrelPR, stated that the technology will play a critical role in media relations management across industries because it leverages unique and evolving technology that emphasizes the core values required for relationship management.

Media managers can also use SquirrelPR to streamline the press conference or media planning process by leveraging the smart conference-planning tool, which automates invitation management and real-time response monitoring while coordinating attendance.

The most user-friendly feature of SquirrelPR also includes a monitoring tool that allows users to deploy media intelligence and track publications across the web with a few clicks.

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