Taniya Mondal Takes the Helm: Appointed Managing Director at mediaReach OMD Ghana
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Taniya Mondal Takes the Helm: Appointed Managing Director at mediaReach OMD Ghana

mediaReach OMD has announced that Taniya Mondal will assume the role of Managing Director, mediaReach OMD Ghana, replacing Stephen Onaivi, rpa, who last month was appointed to the pivotal role of Managing Director at mediaReach OMD Nigeria.

The appointment is effective January 1, 2024, and sees mediaReach OMD undergo a strategic transformation. Tainya brings to the role over 12 years of rich experience across Project Management, Marketing & Business Development. She’s shown a passion through her work for helping businesses with effective brand building, and gaining recognition through innovative marketing solutions in dynamic & evolving environments.

Taniya Mondal’s illustrious career includes serving as Head of Business Development and Digital for Omnicom Media Group. Her multifaceted roles involved providing crucial market feedback, driving revenue and profit through innovative ideas, and coordinating the implementation of media/business plans. As an advocate for seamless operations and client satisfaction, Tainya has consistently demonstrated effective leadership.

Her prowess extends to her roles as Business Development Head and Head of Digital Advertising, West Africa, for mediaReach. Responsible for growing digital business operations in Ghana and West Africa, she played a pivotal role in spreading digital awareness, overseeing team planning, and ensuring optimal campaign performance.

Tainya’s journey also led her to Google, where she served as Team Lead, Product Solutions. Managing a team of specialists operating at sector level, she drove and executed projects impacting product revenue on a significant scale, and facilitated partnerships with cross-functional stakeholders, as well as coaching and mentoring her team of Solutions Specialists.

As Taniya Mondal assumes the role of Managing Director at mediaReach OMD Ghana, she brings with her a wealth of experience, innovation, and a trailblazing spirit. Her appointment not only signifies a significant moment in the agency’s history but also echoes the broader narrative of breaking barriers and fostering diversity in leadership.

OMD is more than simply an agency, but an integrated communications powerhouse that has made a name delivering cutting-edge Media and Marketing Solutions globally. As part of the expansive OMD network, spanning 11,000+ professionals across 135 offices, OMD has consistently unlocked demand potential, ignited consumer desire and accelerated business growth for clients worldwide.

Situated in the vibrant landscapes of West and Central Africa, mediaReach OMD Ghana stands out as a thought leader in the media industry. Constantly evaluating syndicated tools and pioneering innovative approaches, the agency provides meaningful insights into audience behavior, guiding strategic investments for clients. Proprietary tools like the Media Facts Book, OMNI, and OMD Design showcase a commitment to data-driven solutions.

mediaReach OMD, since its inception in 1999, has been a trailblazer in media planning and buying services. Revolutionizing practices in Nigeria and the West & Central African sub-region, the agency set high standards, ensuring media compliance and prompt payments for placements. Proprietary tools like ESPRI and Media Star continue to shape effective and efficient media plans.

Unsatisfied with local accomplishments, mediaReach OMD sought to elevate its game by affiliating with OMD, the global media advertising company of Omnicom, in 2003. This affiliation provided access to global capabilities, talents, and ideas, further enhancing the agency’s ability to serve local and international clients.

As mediaReach OMD Ghana looks toward the future under Mondal’s leadership, the agency is poised for continued excellence and growth. Tanya’s visionary approach, coupled with her digital expertise, promises to propel the agency to new heights, setting benchmarks for innovation and client satisfaction.

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