Titi Cole: Navigating Change and Paving the Way in Banking

Titi Cole: Navigating Change and Paving the Way in Banking

In the intricate landscape of global banking, few women stand out as Titi Cole, a seasoned navigator whose career has seen her steer through numerous transitions, and shape the future of a banking industry in flux.

Currently serving as the Head of Legacy Franchises at Citigroup, she oversees consumer businesses across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Mexico. Her journey, marked by leadership, diversity advocacy, and strategic vision, reflects a commitment to driving impactful change.

From Wells Fargo to Citigroup: A Journey of Leadership

Titi’s journey in the financial sector spans nearly three decades. Before joining Citigroup in 2020, she held pivotal roles at Wells Fargo, including the Head of Consumer and Small Business Banking Operations. 

Her leadership also extended to Bank of America, where she spearheaded Retail Products and Underwriting, overseeing critical aspects like consumer credit cards and enterprise payment networks.

A Trailblazer for Diversity and Inclusion

Titi Cole isn’t just a banking executive; she’s a trailblazer for diversity and inclusion. As the first Black female senior executive at Citigroup, she co-leads Citi Women, a global network supporting the bank’s female employees. 

This commitment to upending barriers on their heads extends beyond Citigroup. In 2021, she was awarded the Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion award at the U.S. Women in Finance Awards. 

The Legacy Franchises Mission: Reshaping Citigroup

In her current role as CEO of Legacy Franchises, Titi leads a workforce of 60,000 employees, managing consumer and commercial banking services for over 25 million clients. Tasked with streamlining Citigroup’s consumer banking operations across multiple countries, she has successfully brokered agreements to sell retail divisions in several nations, emphasizing a people-centric approach in handling workforce transitions.

Fulfilling a Formidable Mission

Given the mandate to wind down or sell consumer banking operations in 14 countries, affecting 65,000 employees, Titi navigates challenges with resilience. Her approach involves prioritizing employees’ well-being, ensuring potential buyers align with Citigroup’s commitment to fair wages and benefits. In the face of geopolitical complexities and global shifts, she remains dedicated to her mission.

A Global Perspective on Digital Transformation

Having witnessed the evolution of the banking landscape, Titi brings a global perspective to digital transformation. Her tenure at Citigroup coincided with the bank’s strategic decision to divest consumer banking businesses in multiple markets. Her role requires a keen understanding of diverse markets, from the intricacies of Asia to the evolving landscape in Europe and the Middle East.

Recognitions and Future Endeavors

Titi’s impact goes beyond the boardrooms. Awarded for her excellence in diversity and inclusion, she continues to shape the industry’s narrative. As a board member of Datadog, Inc., her expertise extends to the tech realm, contributing to the monitoring and security platform’s growth.

As Titi Cole looks toward the future, her commitment to fostering positive change in banking remains unwavering. With an illustrious career that has transcended borders and broken glass ceilings, Titi Cole exemplifies leadership, resilience, and a vision for a more inclusive financial landscape.

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