Twitter to officially add podcasts to its app
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Twitter to officially add podcasts to its app

Twitter is officially coming into the world of podcasts. The social media company has announced the launch of a test version of its Twitter Spaces that’ll be integrated with podcasts.

The redesigned Spaces tab and the addition of podcasts will be visible to a group of global English-speaking audience on iOS and Android, and allow you to listen to full shows through curated playlists based on your interests.

The redesign will introduce “Stations”; personalized hubs for users that will group content based on different topics, such as news, music, sports and more.

Stations will feature podcast episodes pulled from RSS with Twitter’s social audio events and recordings. It will provide recommendations based on the themes and people that you already follow, and also offer access to personalized selection of live and recorded Spaces.

Stations will feature the most popular podcasts from around the world. You will be able to give a podcast a thumbs up or thumbs down to let Twitter know if the content is interesting to you.

Twitter is going to use what it kno inws about its users’ interests to curate the playlists on the hubs. Also, as users listen more, the audio Stations will become increasingly more tailored.

“What we’re really trying to capture here is as if it’s like another user recommending you something,” Twitter senior product manager Evan Jones told the Hot Pod podcast.

Twitter launched Spaces in 2020, and it has since then established a strong foothold in audio. According to Jones, who focuses on audio at Twitter, podcasts are a natural fit for the company as 45 percent of Twitter users are monthly podcast listeners, per the company’s data.

Over the past couple of months, developers had spotted Twitter testing a podcast addition. While many indicated the company was working on a dedicated podcasts tab, that’s only partially true. Twitter, through its recent announcement, has revealed it is instead focused on making podcasts work as a part of Spaces.

“We were testing out different ideas,” Jones said. “As we were whittling down the stone, we came to this, but podcasts were always going to be part of Spaces.”

No official launch was given for the new podcasts feature. Jones though revealed the final version of the feature will be influenced by how users respond to the test.

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