Kenya’s Ilara Health Raises $4.2M to Expand Clinic-Support Services and Improve Healthcare Access

Kenyan health tech startup, Ilara Health, has secured $4.2 million in debt-equity funding in a pre-Series A round led by DOB Equity, with participation from the Philips Foundation and existing investors. The funds will be utilized to scale operations within Kenya, aiming to enhance healthcare access through a B2B health and occupational service. Ilara Health, […]

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The Odyssey to a Healthier Africa: AI’s Role in Transforming Healthcare

If 2023 should ever be reduced to a single buzzword, it’ll be just two letters; AI. Yet,  ask any tech expert and they’ll reassure you AI wasn’t invented last November when ChatGPT burst on the scene, and seamlessly took over the entire internet. For decades before that, we’ve been interacting with AI in social media […]

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