How FirstCheck Africa is Igniting a Future of Genderless Opportunities and Boundless Innovation

It’s become well-known the struggles that entrepreneurs face, especially in initial phases of bootstrapping and trying to bring a service or product to the market. For so many, securing capital from investors is the grace that either keeps them afloat, or failing to do so, flatlines the business and all of its hope,  In this […]

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Kenya’s Tech Odyssey: Africa’s Silicon Savannah is Becoming a Robotics Wonderland

In the heart of East Africa, Kenya, Africa’s “Silicon Savannah” is transforming into a burgeoning tech dynamo, earning that moniker that once had described the Konza Techno City project, but now comes to represent the greater tech and innovation movement in the country.  Beyond the rich landscapes that define this vibrant nation, are tales of […]

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Not Another Shutdown: Zazuu, Dash, and the Ominous Echo of African Tech’s Dismal 2023

The year 2023 has become, to players and investors in the African tech scene, an unexpected chapter marked by the unraveling of once-promising startups. The echoes of a vibrant 2021 and 2022, where the African tech ecosystem thrived, have now given way to a sobering reality of closures, financial struggles, and dashed aspirations. The Rise […]

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The Odyssey to a Healthier Africa: AI’s Role in Transforming Healthcare

If 2023 should ever be reduced to a single buzzword, it’ll be just two letters; AI. Yet,  ask any tech expert and they’ll reassure you AI wasn’t invented last November when ChatGPT burst on the scene, and seamlessly took over the entire internet. For decades before that, we’ve been interacting with AI in social media […]

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2022 seems to be Botswana’s year

Botswana has edged out Kenya in the list of top global innovators as more African countries punch above their weight to come up with ideas and technologies that increase productivity and output. Botswana is now the continent’s fifth most innovative country and ranked among sixteen African countries that improved their global innovation positions, fuelled by […]

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Users of Binance can now deposit and withdraw money using the South African Rand (ZAR).

The South African Rand (ZAR) can now be deposited into and withdrawn from Binance wallets, according to the cryptocurrency exchange that processes the most trades globally, Binance. This, according to Binance, is intended to enhance cryptocurrency adoption and accessibility in the area. According to Binance, the service will be introduced in two stages. Users of […]

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21 African news organizations selected for 2022 Google News Initiative $150,000 fund

Google has revealed the winners of the third Google News Initiative (GNI) Innovation Challenge, which included 34 media platforms. These honorees are from Africa, the Middle East, Israel, and Turkey, and they were chosen for their commitment to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion in the journalistic sector. There were 21 awardees from 10 African nations […]

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5000 African youth share stories as PIN celebrates 15 years of impact

Today, Paradigm Initiative (PIN), a leading pan-African organization for digital rights and inclusion, celebrates 15 years of improving the lives of over 5,000 underprivileged African youth by providing them with better livelihoods through digital opportunities and the protection of their online rights.PIN has contributed significantly to Internet Freedom for more than eight years by making […]

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